Monday, March 31, 2008

The first post

Kicking this off is kind of scary. Where to begin? And where will it end?

This morning my almost-2 year old daughter got to daycare and kicked me out once we were inside. "Out mommy! Bye-bye!" She's growing up way too fast.

But I don't want this to just be another mommy board, another place to vent all that stuff. There is more here than parenthood.

Who will the next president be? I hope it's not Hilary. The candidate I voted for in the primaries is already out of the competition. So it will be between Obama and McCain? There are enough places that are polling and etc, I won't do that here, but don't be surprised if I vote for none of the above.

Music, I miss music. I need to listen to it more.

Shall I talk about religion, and love, and beauty?

I saw two ducks this afternoon waddling toward a man standing on the sidewalk. They got to the edge of their piece of grass and did not dare cross it. The man stood still, waiting, watching, fixated. I sat many stories above, in a tower unseen, watching too. Eventually a third duck flew in and spoke to the two on the ground, and the three of them flew back to the pond, to safety, to the known. The man walked on.

And my mother is 5'8", and 122-124 pounds according to her most recent letter, and she considers herself very healthy, although she is on disability I think.

And this is what this blog will be.

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