Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I write

I write reviews on Tripadvisor.
I write for “Stories from Clessonville”.
I write for “Tari’s Steps”.
I write and photograph for “View from Lake Wyola”.
I write poetry.
I write short stories.
I write letters for my daughter.
I write editorials, that once or twice have even been published.
I am writing a novel even though I know it is junk.
I scatter my life story through the social media of Facebook.
I tweet when I can.
I don’t write letters enough.
I don’t write “thank you” enough, but I try.
I am a writer and a poet.
Always have been, always will be.

To my daughter- I hope some day you like to read.

Supreme Court hearing arguments regarding same-sex marriage

This stuff is important. Pay attention. Legalizing same-sex marriage on a national level is important. Worldwide would be wonderful, but we can't control the rest of the world. It has been legal in Massachusetts for ten years now, but it needs to be legal in the whole country. Everyone deserves it. Legalizing same sex marriage gives children and spouses the same rights that straight couples take for granted. Things like being able to visit in the hospital, family sick time, being a 2-parent family in the eyes of the IRS, adoption rights, and many many more that I can't even articulate without more coffee. It also means that the non-birth parent doesn't have to adopt his/her own child. That is something right there that I hadn't even wrapped my head around until just a few weeks ago.

It's good for families, and it needs to happen. I hope it happens soon.

Here's a good article on the current situation-


And she's gone

It's been a week now, since my neighbor passed away. On Monday, March 18th, just before the snow started she slipped away. I wrote about her a few months ago here:.


I didn't go to the candlelight vigil on Wednesday because I was sick with a cold that knocked me to sleep before suppertime. There is a memorial service on Saturday that I plan to attend. I don't think there will be a burial. Seems strange to me, but I have to accept it.

She was only 35 years old. Younger than me. Life can slip away too fast. A reminder to the rest of us to make today count. Don't procrastinate. Do IT, whatever IT is.

Cancer sucks.

Chance of Rain

"Chance of Rain"

The weather said “chance of rain”
I packed my umbrella and put on my sneakers
I was tired of my old winter boots
It is spring now, although still March.
I stepped outside into a snowstorm
and reached back in the door for my winter hat.
It is just getting light out as I reach my car
I take my camera out for a photograph.
Past the lake and up the hill it is still snowing.
In the center of town it is a blur of white.
I come down the other side
by the time I reach the bottom
the snow is only a memory.
Not a flake to be found anywhere.
I take off my hat finally and unzip my coat.
I step out of my car under a gray sky and continue on my way.

--Rebecca, March 26, 2013