Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lego Batmobile

One quick shot of the Batmobile that my husband made. He is lending it to me for a NELUG event that I am going to in a couple of weeks so I pulled out the camera quickly before I put it in the bin to bring to the show.

And that's it for today folks! I think I am all caught up from the weekend now.

I did want to get some more Lego Friends photos for you, but I didn't get a chance. I'll work on that during the week or the weekend if I can.

Lego Friends Olivia's Exploration Car (minus Zobo, the robot)

This set surprised me. It had something for the whole family. We bought 2 sets, and could have bought 3. My husband wanted (and got) the robot. I wanted the car to add to my vehicle collection and my daughter... well she wanted everything of course! The magnifying glass really works and the telescope swivels around and moves (although you can't see through it).

Lego Creator Lakeside Lodge

I built it the way they show it on the front of the box. I loved the moose!

Lego Elves, Naida's Secret Spa set

I finally got a Lego Elves set. I'm not big into the storyline, but I think the minifigs are cool.

Free Lego Parrot

 The Lego calendar has a coupon redeemable for a free Lego parrot. This is what it looks like. It is a small set of course, maybe 43 pieces or something like that.

Lego Friends / Barbie Mega Bloks Mashup

   It looked like a horror scene at first glance, but at further inspection I figured out that it was a clothing shop. This was the scene that my daughter laid out while playing yesterday.

I'd like to think of this character as the villian, holding 2 pairs of scissors.

Here come the shoppers....

R.I.P. Glenn Frey

Another great one lost.