Thursday, August 13, 2009


Wow! I got spam! I just deleted a comment left by "RealitySurfer". It was basically an ad for a dvd or something. Something to do with LSD. Not sure how or why they chose to spam here, but it's gone. So Surfer dude, if you are out there, I'm sorry, but it just didn't seem right for this blog. Good luck with your ads, but don't do it here. Thanks!

A working thing..

I am a lowly "classified" employee at the state university. Several months ago my supervisors applied to have my position "upgraded", but it was denied. I was planning to wait until fall to appeal, but because we are going through a lot of internal reorganization, I went ahead and inquired a few weeks ago. My union told me that I couldn't appeal because I hadn't applied for the upgrade myself, so I inquired with the administration about what I needed to do. Fortunately the man in the administration building was very friendly and said I could appeal after all. So that is what I'm doing. Two other people in my department also tried to get upgraded and were denied. I tried to see if we could all appeal together, strength in numbers and all, but I was told no, we have to appeal individually. To the best of my knowledge the other 2 haven't done it. I did though. I filled out the form, made phone calls, wrote emails, etc. etc. and today I got a phone call saying my interview is next Friday. Next week I will get a list of questions that will be asked in the interview so I can prepare for them. I know my supervisors will help me too. I'm really hoping this goes well for me. I've been working way above what I get paid for for a long time, years. If I do get this, then I will probably apply for another upgrade after my supervisor retires next year. I'm a "12" now, trying for a "14", but I am doing the work of a "16". Right now I am the lowest paid person in the department, and the lowest paid person in the new merged department, not including students. So cross your fingers and all of that...

I feel bad for the other 2 if I get it and they don't, but I can't hold their hands and walk them through the process. I've already given them the forms, the online info, and everything else they need to do it themselves. I know it's up to them to take the initiative and do the rest on their own.