Where is Clessonville anyway?

Where is "Clessonville" you ask? Clessonville is a fictional place created in the blogger's imagination. It is based on the real place of Buckland, Massachusetts. In Buckland, MA there is a brook called "Clesson Brook". This brook has many tributaries, or branches, that seem to flow all over the town. Well at least all over the parts of town that the blogger grew up around. Like some other towns in New England, Buckland was originally called "No Town" in 1742.

According to Wikipedia:

"Buckland lies along the banks of the Deerfield River, which bends from northward to westward along the town line. The Clesson Brook and Clark Brook flow northward through town towards the river, with the former forming the main valley in the town. To either side of the valley lie several hills, including Walnut Hill, Drank Hill and Snow Mountain to the west and Mary Lyon Hill and Moonshine Hill to the east, both of which are between the two brooks. Moonshine Hill is also home to a small state forest."


The blogger was not educated in Buckland schools although she was educated in a Buckland church, attending Sunday School as a child at the Mary Lyon First Congregational Church.

The name "Clessonville" was used by this blogger many years ago while playing a part in a live-action role playing game and for various other occasions since.

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