Sunday, October 21, 2012

Prayers and help needed for neighbor with cancer

I posted this on another blog, and I am cross-posting because I care about this family and I want to help.

My 34 year old neighbor is losing her battle with metastatic (advanced) bladder cancer. When I look out my front door I see her home through the trees. Her two children are a little older than my daughter so we don't do play dates but we know each other. She and her husband both work at a local healthy foods market that is cooperatively owned by its members. They eat healthy, they live healthy. Her daughter won an award last year at school for having checked out the 3rd most books of anybody from the school library. Earlier this year we heard she had cancer but was keeping it quiet. She didn't want to scare the kids. We'd just lost another child's mother to cancer in our small community (there are 150 students in our K-6 school). She didn't want the kids to think that cancer equals death. She wanted there to be hope. She had hope. Her husband had hope. No one is giving up. Even now she is seeking alternative treatments.. but the reality is the conventional treatments aren't working. She is going to need to leave her job soon so that she can focus on fighting this illness. I've heard these lines before from people. It is not good news. 

I am only a helpless neighbor, but the more people who know the story the better. Please, read her story, and share it with others. This family needs all the help they can get during these difficult times. Here is a link to learn more... 
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