Friday, January 30, 2009

taking the plunge!

Well I finally did something I have not done in many years. I submitted some of my writing to a journal in hopes that it may get published. I only sent 5 pieces, mostly poetry, some of which I've posted in this blog before. The journal is nothing fancy, just something funded by some worker-education group on campus. No guarantee that it will get accepted, and if it does get accepted then there is a good chance they will ask me to edit it before it gets published. So a long road if it gets accepted, but a chance that it might get rejected too. No money for this either, just doing it for the experience I guess. Still hoping to be able to take a writing class in the Spring semester too, but have to wait for approval from the Assistant Director first, and she is currently on vacation. Hopefully I will know next week whether I'll be able to do it or not.
Anyway, I know it's not much, but I'm crossing my fingers anyway. It's nice to have an excuse to write.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Walgreens vs. CVS

Well after boycotting CVS Pharmacy for 2 years, it looks like Dh is finally ready to forgive them after yet another, really 2 more Walgreens screw-ups.

Saturday morning I realized we were running low on dd's Pulmicort (asthma medicine) so I called Walgreens and did the automated thing for a refill. Then when we got to "town" I decided to drop off my disposable camera to get my xmas pictures developed. I looked down at the pharmacy counter and there was a line. No biggie. I'll just pick up her meds when I come back for the pictures. So an hour later I come back, and there is no staff a the photo counter. So I go down to the pharmacy counter and wait in line there for a while. Line isn't moving. So I went back up to the photo counter, and finally went to the front register and asked them to send someone over since no one was showing up. When the clerk finally showed up she couldn't find my pictures, and then finally found them in the machine. Someone had done the "set it and forget it" thing, and just left them running and not finished my order. I finally got my pictures, and went back to the pharmacy counter. They were still dealing with the same customer as they had 10 minutes before. I finally get my turn, and by now dh and dd are in the store because I was taking too long. The pharmacist says "Sorry we are all out and won't get any more until Tuesday." Well that's not good enough, and why didn't anyone call me before I came to pick up my order? I think she's going to run out at home and we need this medicine. He says "We can transfer your prescription to another pharmacy." Okay, fine, whatever it takes. He calls one place and they don't have it either, so then he calls CVS. They have it. We get the transfer set up. We go to CVS and wait in line there, and finally get the meds and a new sled for dd.
Then I get home and realize another screw up. When they transferred the script they didn't transfer all the refills! So instead of having 2 refills left, we only have 1. Not good! We aren't scheduled to go back to asthma doctor until March or April. So I had to call back again and they promised they would straighten it out. I hope they did. I didn't call CVS to confirm.

Walgreens used to be 24 hours but now they aren't. Fortunately I think CVS still is, so that will be a plus too. I just couldn't believe how short-staffed and inefficient Walgreens was. It's not the first time, it just seems like it gets worse and worse. CVS meanwhile was very busy, lots of customers, lots of staff, but hassle-free. We used to like Walgreens a lot, spent too much money on their general merchandise, and always hit their sales etc, but the hassles of waiting in line, not having the prescriptions in stock, and the lousy staff have taken their toll. CVS here we come!

Inauguration Day

A few hours ago Senator Barak Obama was sworn in as our new President. I got sucked in, like thousands of others across the world, and watched the streaming video on while sitting at my desk at work. I didn't plan to. I didn't vote for Obama, and I'm pretty unhappy about Biden being Vice-President. However, I was also worried that something might happen to him. It's been a long time - since Reagan- since someone tried to shoot a President, and I was worried that it might happen today. So I watched. Before it started I heard that outgoing Vice-President Cheney would be in a wheelchair because he hurt his back while packing and moving boxes. Cheney has had a long history of medical problems, but I was saddened to see him go out this way. It just didn't seem dignified.

I had also heard that there was controversy regarding the two clergy that would speak. One at the beginning of the ceremonies and the other at the end. While I listened I wasn't too struck by the first one, but I'd like to find a copy of the transcript and read it again. My apathy might have been due to background noise at work, or perhaps the man's deliverance of the words. The minister who spoke at the end got my attention more. I'd like to have a copy of that. The other speaker who got my attention was the poet. Her name was Elizabeth Alexander and she was only the 4th poet to ever speak at an Inauguration. Her delivery was a little tense, nervous maybe, but I liked her words. I really do want a copy of that. Obama's speech of course was inspiring. It did all the things a great speech is supposed to do, very charismatic. I doubt anyone will find fault with it. It was expected, and the audience loved it, no surprise there.

One thing that is bugging me though is that he is being referred to as the 44th President of the United States. He's not really. I think he's only the 43rd. Cleveland served twice, not consecutively so when listing the presidents chronologically he is listed twice. However, if you count bodies, then there have not been 43 bodies before Obama. There have only been 42, or maybe even less. I'm not sure if Cleveland is the only one who left office and then came back later.
Here's a link to the list of Presidents so you can see what I'm talking about

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Hmm... patience is something I really need to work on right now. It is too soon to know what the economy is going to do to my job. It is too soon to figure out whether or not we are going to get a big tax refund or not. I have no way of knowing what actions my mother will take this year - move back north or not, or whatever... I have no way of knowing if my daughter will get sick this winter. Etc. Etc. Etc. I can spend my time worrying about the "what ifs" or I can try to live for today. In living for today though I do still need to be prepared for tomorrow. No I can't spend money on extras right now, but I shouldn't worry about whether or not we are going to get the bathroom fixed or go on vacation this year either. I just need to take deep breaths and listen and see what is going on today.

"YAY Winter!" Abby repeated over and over this morning as we headed out to the car, around the back of the house to avoid the slippery stairs on the deck. "YAY Winter!"

I need to live for that and not worry about the rest.

Tomorrow I may have writing class, or I might not. Guess not. It will be another 3 weeks now before we have our final class. Sigh. This group just doesn't seem to have time to meet.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Eve...

Well New Years Eve day was not one of my better days. At work my department head notified us that his job might be eliminated due to budget cuts, and he can't afford to wait 6 months to find out. So he is actively seeking new work (and with the hiring freeze, if he leaves he won't be replaced). Then my daughter's daycare center called to say they were closing in 20 minutes due to the snow and could I please pick her up ASAP.
So my husband and I quickly explained to our bosses and got ourselves to daycare. After picking up Abby we began a slow ride home on unplowed roads. Once we nearly collided with a plow truck who was pulling out of a side street and not stopping for us. Later we nearly went off the road because it was so slippery.
If that wasn't bad enough, we were greeted on our street by fire trucks from a neighboring town. A home just two doors away from us had been on fire, and the fire crews were just finishing up. Our road is a small one, and it hadn't been plowed either. We waited until enough fire trucks had left so that we were able to get to our home. Then we watched the rest of the fire trucks depart. My husband walked down to the house and checked on the neighbors. Someone else had already offered the family a place to stay, and it seemed as if they were in good hands, so he didn't stay long.
Later that day he checked email and found out that more budget cuts will be announced at work next Wednesday.

We didn't go out to celebrate on New Years Eve in part because of the snow, and also because we knew we couldn't stay out too late with Abby.

The next day my father called and said his girlfriend broke her arm. I'm just bracing myself and wondering "what's next?" because so far we aren't off to a very good start.

Of course my mother's health is still weighing on my mind. She doesn't seem to really want me to know what is going on though, so it's tough. Obviously there is nothing I can do for her, but I think she is starving herself to death.

Sorry folks, wish I felt better than this. Nothing major, just filled with worry. I guess I might have to dig out the old Serenity Prayer or something. I know I need to snap out of this.