Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Eve...

Well New Years Eve day was not one of my better days. At work my department head notified us that his job might be eliminated due to budget cuts, and he can't afford to wait 6 months to find out. So he is actively seeking new work (and with the hiring freeze, if he leaves he won't be replaced). Then my daughter's daycare center called to say they were closing in 20 minutes due to the snow and could I please pick her up ASAP.
So my husband and I quickly explained to our bosses and got ourselves to daycare. After picking up Abby we began a slow ride home on unplowed roads. Once we nearly collided with a plow truck who was pulling out of a side street and not stopping for us. Later we nearly went off the road because it was so slippery.
If that wasn't bad enough, we were greeted on our street by fire trucks from a neighboring town. A home just two doors away from us had been on fire, and the fire crews were just finishing up. Our road is a small one, and it hadn't been plowed either. We waited until enough fire trucks had left so that we were able to get to our home. Then we watched the rest of the fire trucks depart. My husband walked down to the house and checked on the neighbors. Someone else had already offered the family a place to stay, and it seemed as if they were in good hands, so he didn't stay long.
Later that day he checked email and found out that more budget cuts will be announced at work next Wednesday.

We didn't go out to celebrate on New Years Eve in part because of the snow, and also because we knew we couldn't stay out too late with Abby.

The next day my father called and said his girlfriend broke her arm. I'm just bracing myself and wondering "what's next?" because so far we aren't off to a very good start.

Of course my mother's health is still weighing on my mind. She doesn't seem to really want me to know what is going on though, so it's tough. Obviously there is nothing I can do for her, but I think she is starving herself to death.

Sorry folks, wish I felt better than this. Nothing major, just filled with worry. I guess I might have to dig out the old Serenity Prayer or something. I know I need to snap out of this.

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  1. You sure are dealing with a lot of stress, Rebecca. Th economic uncertainty that looms ahead seems to be especially worrisome. I think the serenity prayer is a good one since the only power we have against external pressures is that which we find in ourselves. Thanks for visiting my blog.