Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Working parent drama on a Tuesday afternoon

I posted this in a series of Tweets and naturally it got ignored. Probably my timing was off. It could also be that my followers never actually see my tweets if I don't hashtag them. In any case here it is...

It was....

The kind of day when you get out of work and put the windows down and the music up.

Then a fruit snack wrapper blows out of the sunroof and you wish you weren't driving your mom-mobile. Windows up, music down. #realitycheck

Cell phone rings between work & school. Secretary says the  nurse is out and your kid got hurt at gym class but don't panic. [She could have a broken wrist!]

You are glad you pulled over to take the call because around the corner police are dealing with a tractor trailer accident.

You get through the accident scene before the road blocks are set up because that would be one seriously long detour & you have to get kid.

You arrive at the school and see a police car? Now what? It's not relevant. Talk to the secretary & teacher & find your kid.

Kid has an ice pack on her wrist but appears fine. Kid wants to stay at school & play on the playground but you say no.

You get home, let the kid play outside, and collapse in a chair because it's been a hell of an hour!