Sunday, January 29, 2012

First post of the year- reading books

Here we are at the end of January already! Wow. This month has gone by really fast.

Today I was home all day and had some time to do some quick reading. I had checked out a book yesterday from the Leverett Library by Roy Kimmel called "In Transit" and I read that, well mostly. I skimmed some too. Mr. Kimmel lives (or lived, not sure which) in Leverett and drove PVTA buses for Western Mass Bus Company. He drove some of the Five College routes and a few other routes as well. I was interested in the book because it was local and I have a lot of memories of riding the PVTA buses. It wasn't good or bad, but you'll only be interested in the book if you are a fan of buses. About half the book talks about different kinds of buses and the different checks that the bus drivers do. I
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 didn't really care about all of that technical stuff so I kind of skipped through it.

The other book I read today was called "Making Toast" by Roger Rosenblatt. Bad timing on my part here. This is a story about the narrator living with his son-in-law and grandchildren after the sudden death of his daughter. From what I can tell it's an autobiography. Roger and his wife help their three grandchildren in the time following their daughter's death. He is a well-known author and his writing is decent.

Cover of
Cover of Making Toast

What made this hard was reading it this weekend. The mother of one of my daughter's classmates died just the other day. She left behind two children, and a niece and nephew from my daughter's school as well. I really shouldn't have read "Making Toast" right now but I saw that it was due back at the library soon so I read through it. It's a fine book. I just wasn't into it.

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