Friday, July 25, 2008

Lots of wildlife this morning!

Well after all the rain we had, the wildlife came out this morning and I was glad to see it. On my way past Lake Wyola this morning I saw a crane of some sort perched on the end of someone's kayak. Then after I dropped my daughter off at daycare, I had to stop the car to let a family of turkeys cross the road- mom, dad, and about 5 babies. Very cute. Some of the babies were very young. When I got to campus I was greeted again. This time by the sight of a bunny rabbit in the "garden" on the north side of the library. He/she never knew I was there. While I was enjoying seeing something besides the usual squirrels and ducks on campus, someone pointed out a pair of morning doves. They were staying very close to each other, out between Thompson Hall and the South College loading dock. Wish I could have stayed out longer, but work beckoned. Ah well. Nice start to a Friday morning at least. Definitely lifted my mood after a tough night and morning with Abby.

Small online discovery

Stumbled upon something called "live journal" this morning. I was looking for something about birds at Lake Wyola, and my Google searches weren't finding much. But this person evidently posted some pictures of Lake Wyola so came up in my search. Interesting individual, and an interesting site I think. Live journal has some appeal. I might have to check it out more and see some other writers stuff too.