Friday, July 25, 2008

Lots of wildlife this morning!

Well after all the rain we had, the wildlife came out this morning and I was glad to see it. On my way past Lake Wyola this morning I saw a crane of some sort perched on the end of someone's kayak. Then after I dropped my daughter off at daycare, I had to stop the car to let a family of turkeys cross the road- mom, dad, and about 5 babies. Very cute. Some of the babies were very young. When I got to campus I was greeted again. This time by the sight of a bunny rabbit in the "garden" on the north side of the library. He/she never knew I was there. While I was enjoying seeing something besides the usual squirrels and ducks on campus, someone pointed out a pair of morning doves. They were staying very close to each other, out between Thompson Hall and the South College loading dock. Wish I could have stayed out longer, but work beckoned. Ah well. Nice start to a Friday morning at least. Definitely lifted my mood after a tough night and morning with Abby.

1 comment:

  1. Very cool. When I first saw that there were turkeys in our neighborhood, I also thought they were cute, but then one night I stepped into their leavings . . .
    I still think the little ones are cute, though.