Wednesday, May 19, 2010

up next- What we keep : a novel / Elizabeth Berg.

Has anyone read this? I kind of doubt it. It's the next book on my reading list I think, well that and I'm still getting through the "Writer's Mentor" book that I think I have mentioned previously.

"Swan Electric" by April Bernard

April Bernard is a poet. This thin little book was a quick read for me. I zipped right through it in just a few hours. Reading it was like reading someone's autobiography. There were times when I could picture the apartment in New York, or the other places that she visited or lived in. What can I say? I wouldn't buy the book, but it was worth getting from the library.

Here's some more information about her. I promise not to send you to Amazon this time!

"Escaping into the Open" by Elizabeth Berg

I read through this last night pretty quickly. Elizabeth Berg is an author who has written several novels. This book is her idea of how to be a writer. It talks about her story and what she thinks you should do to become a writer.
You can read some of that for free by visiting her website here--

Amazon lists about two dozen books that she wrote. You can find those here--

You can find "Escaping into the Open" at a local library, or on Amazon  here-

You can also read the reviews. They seem pretty positive for the most part. I personally was not as drawn in as some of the other reviewers were. However, it was the second book I'd read last night so I might have just been tired. That's why I encourage you to follow the links and decide for yourself.