Tuesday, June 29, 2010

story of Clessonville and The Novel

Well I'm not sure if I will write the story of Clessonville after all. In it's original form it is full of anachronisms and I'm not sure how to cope with that. I think the original idea of Realms was that it was supposed to take place in Medieval times, and yet my Clessonville concept is actually from the 1800s. So there are some problems to be worked out, and I'm not sure if I can work them. Maybe if I just forget the whole Medieval thing... or just forget about doing the research about how to write true historical fiction and just go along with the original story, as messy and unconvincing as it may be. I guess that may be my best shot. The story was never fully developed before, and maybe I won't bother making it into a "novel" type story. I'll just get down what I have of it, and leave it at that.

I don't think that historical fiction will really be where I'm at. I'm definitely leaning toward "chic lit" or "women's fiction" now. I think that is where my novel will likely go when I write it. "Clessonville" won't be that novel of course.

The Novel took another step today, or two. Slow small steps, but still going forward. So that's something. Even when I don't put words on paper, I'm still working on this project. Today I did put words on paper, but just notes of things and things to come. Character creation is important, and plot lines too. Still have far to go, I know, but that is okay. This novel is taking me many years to write, and I'm okay with that.

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