Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Silly Bandz, Ballerina Barbie, and Dora the Explorer

Ah, it's been a fun few days in our house. Last week the kid got introduced to Silly Bandz. Some of her friends had already had them, but it wasn't until she was given one shaped like a music note that the NEED for them suddenly manifested. Silly BandzImage via Wikipedia

She could not brush her teeth, could not go to bed, could not go to school the next morning because she lacked Silly Bandz. My husband and I were not too thrilled with the invasion of this fad into our house, however by Friday night we had bought her a pack. On Sunday the quest was continued and a trip Walmart to find some cheap imitation ones was successful.
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Fortunately or unfortunately the bracelets were also located next to the Barbie aisle. There were some very nice Barbie's on display. The Wedding Day Barbie or Bride Barbie or whatever, seems to be on the Christmas list. It's about $45 in case you are wondering. For immediate gratification, the purchase of a Ballerina Barbie was allowed (about $5). This might seem like we were spoiling her just a bit, but I figured $5 was cheaper than $45.

We were also still aglow with the fact that the child seems to be overcoming her fear of cats. On Friday night and again on Saturday afternoon she made friends with cats at other people's houses. Just a few weeks ago she was running in fear of the creatures. So we indulged a little.

Since we cut our satellite tv off, our tv viewing has come from dvds and whatever is left on the living room dvr. The bedroom dvr had to be returned to the company. So with a Netflix subscription and a library card, we've been doing the best we can. I certainly can't go out and BUY new dvds every week.
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I thought the husband and I had agreed that with the removal of regular tv viewing, we'd be making some modifications in what was "banned" from the house. I thought we'd agreed that Dora and Diego would no longer be banned, but the ban on Spongebob Squarepants would continue. My husband has no memory of this. So on the Netflix list I put a "Dora the Explorer" dvd, and it came last night. So last night our daughter saw  her first episode of Dora. She's pretty scared of Swiper so far, but she did seem to be getting the hang of the audience participation parts, and I'm hoping that some of the Spanish will sink in. I can tell my husband is still not sold that she should be watching the show though, and I'm not sure how this experiment will turn out.
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Before I go, I will mention that I am trying out Zemanta for the first time. I think I like it. I've been using the Amazon Associates links for a while,but this is the first time I've used Zemanta. Very cool! I like how easy it is to use. I didn't put in any of the "related articles" but I did make use of some of the images from the media gallery, and I did add the in-text links. Hope you like how it "improves" the blog.

Oh, and as a side note, the craze with the silly bracelets is already diminishing. After bringing them to school yesterday and trading some away, they went to school today in her purse. I suspect they will stay there. She wasn't even wearing any on her wrist this morning. I think we spent $10 total on the ones we got, maybe a little less.

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