Friday, July 30, 2010

Library games for kids

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We had a game called "Arthur goes to the library" that my father gave us. We played it a few times, and it's like a Concentration game. However, honestly every time we play it my daughter doesn't follow the rules of the game, and usually we quit before the game is officially over.
Arthur Goes to the Library Game by Marc Brown
Now I have just seen a new game called "Little Librarian"

Honestly, it doesn't look anything like the way the library I work in functions. Maybe it would be fun for an older kid to play, like a 6-10 year old, but as much as I love library stuff, I am not running to the websites to buy this.

Libraries are a lot more computerized now. So this cute little game really doesn't reflect the modern times. Maybe if it came with a computer I'd be more interested.  :-)


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