Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bruce Springsteen is popular right now...


Looking up some old Bruce Springsteen videos lately. I've been trying to read his autobiography, "Born to Run",  when I have time.

It's pretty good. I just have trouble reading with a 10 year old in the house. There's also an interview in a recent copy of "Rolling Stone" that I started to read too. Again, the child interupts.

It's November which means I want to be writing for Nanowrimo, but again... failed. Ugh. I've got a pile of Lego that I haven't put together too. It just seems like the daily life of work, kitchen chores, and homework take up all of our time, with room for snuggles and conversation too of course. We're getting to a few events and doing the things we like to do but time for solitude pursuits is not happening right now. It's just the way it is.

Meanwhile I'll get back to Springsteen when I have time. I bought the book because I wasn't getting through the library copy fast enough and I've got some of his dvds and cds on my Christmas list at the moment. At work YouTube is running through my headphones as I write this. I know it's all been said before. His music is a mix of fluffy pop stuff and Dylan-esque folk music. There are anthems and ballads and top 10 hits. There's deeper stuff that makes you go "That's Springsteen?" and there's stuff that I think "Did I miss this back then or did I just forget?" Some of the music is memorable, and some of it I'm okay to forget.

Duchovny has another cd coming out sometime, with concert dates already announced. I wonder who has the bigger Twitter following. I'll have to look sometime. :-)