Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rest in Peace David Bowie

Yesterday the world learned of David Bowie's passing, from cancer. I'm still processing.

I think one of the reasons Bowie's death hits me so hard is because I grew up with him. If you are around 45 years old now then you grew up with 80s music. MTV debuted in 1982 (I was 11) and it played music videos. Bowie and others were there at the beginning. I went through my teen years listening to this stuff, much like our parents grooved the music of the 60s. Also, Bowie is from my parents' generation. When Johnny Cash died it was sad, but he was our grandparents' generation. It was expected. It's harder when the musicians are my parents' age.

This is incomplete and I hope to come back and edit it later, but I need to get it down.