Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fandom, fangirls, fanfiction... and David Duchovny

 Forgive me because this is REALLY quick!

I've never much had the patience or interest to drool over celebrities. Whether they were singers, musicians, athletes, or whatever in the public eye I've never been one to pin someone up on the bedroom wall and idolize them. I prefer my objects of affection to be at least SOMEWHAT obtainable I guess.

Anyway I stumbled on a whole world of fangirls and fandom after I read David Duchovny's book. The fangirls led me to his music and that got me looking for movies and tv shows that he'd acted in. I've never been an X-Files fans, sorry. Not going to happen. I like his writing though, and his songwriting is included in that. He was a writer before he was a model and actor.

I have a vague memory of a dvd of "Red Shoe Diaries" or something like that but I had no idea how prolific that had been until I started looking him up on IMDB and so forth. I attempted to watch a couple of his tv shows but no luck in finding anything that wasn't way too much to be viewed in a house with a 10 year old. Most recently I've watched parts of "House of D" which got pretty bad reviews. The "special features" were cool though and I learned from that he wanted "Bucky F*cking Dent" to be a movie, not a book. Interesting thought.

So while I'm still struggling to appreciate him as an actor I'm in awe of his fandom. Is it all based on his (perceived) good looks? I don't know. Maybe. In any case he seems to pander to it because that's how he has to make a living, but it's pretty amazing.

And there are other fandoms out there. Lots of them. A look into some fanfiction sites recommended by writers I know shows me that there is TONS of fanfiction being written, maybe even more than romance. It's crazy. I haven't had the time to sit down and try to sift through most of it yet, because again... I'm not REALLY a fangirl, but I see the temptation. This stuff is a break from reality. We all need a break sometimes. I just don't have time to take one.

Meanwhile my Twitter feed is filling with Duchovniacs and I'm enjoying the ride, and if I happen to say "Duchovny" in my sleep then I apologize.