Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Message from UMass Amherst Chancellor regarding child abuse

To Faculty and Staff:

In light of recent news events, it is important to remember that, under 
Massachusetts law, if you have “reasonable cause to believe” that a 
child has been abused physically or emotionally by a fellow employee, 
you should report that abuse immediately to the Commonwealth’s 
Department of Children and Families. You should also report suspected 
abuse to your supervisor. Furthermore, those who report suspected abuse 
cannot be held criminally or civilly liable if the suspected acts turn 
out to be unfounded, so long as the report was made in good faith.

The Department of Children and Families Hotline is (800) 792-5200.

UMass regularly hosts minors for various events including band 
concerts, athletic competitions, scouting programs and campus tours. 
While there is no evidence to suspect that what is alleged to have 
occurred at Penn State would happen here, it is important that we all 
understand our responsibilities under the law.


Robert C. Holub

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

and it's done

Yesterday was November 8th. Band Back Together published my post, and a few people responded. Not tons or anything but a few. Now that it's done I'm left sitting on the fence. I've been watching the site, lurking, and responding for a few months now. I'm not sure if I want to send them another piece and go through the process again or if I want to pursue other places, or if I just don't want to write more about my history etc.. so for today I am sitting on the fence. I think if the response had been stronger I would feel inclined to write more but as it is right now I'm not sure.

It's very easy to be silent. It's much harder to speak out.. hm... there is something, isn't there?