Thursday, February 5, 2015

Blog post in progress-- Shawn Inmon

Last May I posted about "Shotgun Lovesongs" and the connection to music and Bon Iver. I'm not sure if I have posted a book review since that one. I was incredibly drawn in by that book and the music. I went on to buy a few Bon Iver cds and one by a girlfriend connected to the music and I spent a lot of time absorbing all of it. I still listen to the music. It's not forgotten.

So now I've stumbled on a couple of memoirs by Shawn Inmon. Shawn wrote one in the voice of his wife Dawn, and the other in his own voice. I read Dawn's voice first even though he wrote it second. Now I'm not ready to fully post all that I want to say but I'm working on it. I did a quick, really quick review on Goodreads because I have been terrible about keeping up with Goodreads reviews and I didn't want to forget it. However the blog post is going to take longer.

One thing that struck me with Shawn's books was the way the music was woven through them. I've since been in touch with Shawn (thank you Facebook!) and he sent me a playlist that he has posted on Youtube. I'm listening to it as I type this. He also has a website, a Facebook page, and many more books for sale. It's a lot to absorb all at once for a fan like myself coming into the story late.

There are a number of things I like. I like the way the music weaves through. I like that the stories are memoirs. I like the story line of a second chance romance with a happy ending.  I like how accessible Shawn has been as a person. I'm still working out all I want to say.

One musical reference he made was to the band "Stonebolt" which I had never heard of before. I checked with slightly older, more knowledgable friends and they hadn't heard of the band either. My conclusion is that "Stonebolt" is/was a regional band from Vancouver and popular in Washington where Shawn and his wife grew up. Shawn's playlist led me to music on YouTube but I haven't yet been able to locate any music on Amazon or Google for sale. I still have some research to do I guess.

Anyway, more later I promise! This is indeed a work in progress.