Wednesday, February 8, 2012

back to the writing & the walking

For Christmas my husband gave me a very nice notebook, leather-like on the outside. It looks so much like a diary that I haven't dared to use it. Yet. I will soon I suppose. In the meantime we have had some mild-for-winter weather and I actually got outside a few times and did some walks. On Sunday I even finally did a long, long walk that was almost 5 miles. I was pretty proud of myself for that one, especially considering the hills. Unfortunately it looks like colder weather is coming back at us and we might see some snowflakes one of these days. Our daughter started swimming lessons again this week, and with timing of the lessons and schedules etc, I end up with the potential for some free time a couple of days a week. Yesterday I went for a ride. I am thinking I might use this time for walking when it's nice out and reading or writing when it's not so nice out. I have asked for a bicycle for my birthday in March so I am pretty motivated right now to lose some more weight so I will be in better shape for that bike!
(I used to have some sort of gadget that let me insert images. I guess that thing is gone. Goodbye Zemanta! Thanks Google!) Imagine picture of bicycle here.

When I am walking a lot of times I don't even want to think. I just focus on the clock and the miles and the road or the path. Kind of clears my head a bit.

However sometimes when I am riding, or at work listening to music, I start to write stuff in my head. Too bad I was no good at playing the guitar! I could probably have written a country song or two if I'd been better at music.

I picked up the trashy novel that I started back in November. Started thinking about visuals. Collecting some visuals to help me see my characters, see the setting, and so forth will probably help me write my story. My husband uses props and maps, and little action figures for his role playing games that he does on Saturday night. Same logic. I've heard it mentioned in writers' articles too. So I am slowly putting together some ideas for visuals. Slowly.

At least I've picked up the novel again. I've also written a couple of quick pieces for Band Back Together. They've already published a few of my things. Not sure when they will get around to these newest ones.

So lunch is over, and I need to put those headphones on again and get back to this bureaucratic job of mine, but I wanted to touch base here because it's been a while. Writing, walking, and taking care of that kid of mine... that's what is going on here. Be well.