Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's been a while since I've posted on politics here. This story that I saw this morning really grabbed me. Domestic violence is a problem here and everywhere. Having personally been affected by it in my life it is something that is near and dear to me. Probably almost everybody has either been affected by it, or knows someone who has. It's not just a problem locally, or nationally, it's worldwide. Child abuse is a special form of it I think. When adults are in a relationship it's easy for an outsider to think "just get out" even though that isn't often possible for the victim. However, when the abuser is your parent, and you live at home, the consequences can be deadly as we see over and over again.

Here's a story about "Honor Killings" that are happening in the U.S..  I wish I had a solution, but it's obviously a growing problem.

And here's some more resources on the subject as well--

        Just something to think about folks. There have certainly been times in my life when I thought one of my parents might try to kill me, but I'm still here and I've never had to live a life quite like this. I feel badly for all those women who are living these lives.

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