Monday, July 19, 2010

My mother and my daughter and my husband

Looks like my last rant about my mother was about 5 weeks ago. I'll spare you all another rant, and save that for another blog. Ugh... she tried real hard to spoil my weekend that is for sure.

On the flipside, my daughter and I had a fun time at a child's birthday party on Saturday. The weather was hot but the kids kept cool with kiddie pools and the moms sat or stood in the shade and talked. Sunday was a little more challenging as the kid was tired, but I did finally manage to get a dip in the lake with her, at our little neighborhood beach, around 5pm. Neither of us really wanted to leave when it was time for supper, but at least we both got wet! Lots of fun!   :-)

And to make sure I don't leave my husband out of this, the three of us managed to get to Target for a little retail therapy. He bought a nice coffee table for the yard that barely fit in the car. I'm sure he'll have fun putting it together when he has time.  :-)

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