Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Walgreens vs. CVS

Well after boycotting CVS Pharmacy for 2 years, it looks like Dh is finally ready to forgive them after yet another, really 2 more Walgreens screw-ups.

Saturday morning I realized we were running low on dd's Pulmicort (asthma medicine) so I called Walgreens and did the automated thing for a refill. Then when we got to "town" I decided to drop off my disposable camera to get my xmas pictures developed. I looked down at the pharmacy counter and there was a line. No biggie. I'll just pick up her meds when I come back for the pictures. So an hour later I come back, and there is no staff a the photo counter. So I go down to the pharmacy counter and wait in line there for a while. Line isn't moving. So I went back up to the photo counter, and finally went to the front register and asked them to send someone over since no one was showing up. When the clerk finally showed up she couldn't find my pictures, and then finally found them in the machine. Someone had done the "set it and forget it" thing, and just left them running and not finished my order. I finally got my pictures, and went back to the pharmacy counter. They were still dealing with the same customer as they had 10 minutes before. I finally get my turn, and by now dh and dd are in the store because I was taking too long. The pharmacist says "Sorry we are all out and won't get any more until Tuesday." Well that's not good enough, and why didn't anyone call me before I came to pick up my order? I think she's going to run out at home and we need this medicine. He says "We can transfer your prescription to another pharmacy." Okay, fine, whatever it takes. He calls one place and they don't have it either, so then he calls CVS. They have it. We get the transfer set up. We go to CVS and wait in line there, and finally get the meds and a new sled for dd.
Then I get home and realize another screw up. When they transferred the script they didn't transfer all the refills! So instead of having 2 refills left, we only have 1. Not good! We aren't scheduled to go back to asthma doctor until March or April. So I had to call back again and they promised they would straighten it out. I hope they did. I didn't call CVS to confirm.

Walgreens used to be 24 hours but now they aren't. Fortunately I think CVS still is, so that will be a plus too. I just couldn't believe how short-staffed and inefficient Walgreens was. It's not the first time, it just seems like it gets worse and worse. CVS meanwhile was very busy, lots of customers, lots of staff, but hassle-free. We used to like Walgreens a lot, spent too much money on their general merchandise, and always hit their sales etc, but the hassles of waiting in line, not having the prescriptions in stock, and the lousy staff have taken their toll. CVS here we come!

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