Monday, April 7, 2008

Abigail's birthday party on Sunday

Abigail's second birthday is fast approaching. Yesterday we had grandpa T. over and let her open a few gifts and have some cake and ice cream. She had a lot of fun opening the presents and playing with them. The first thing she got was a tricycle which she climbed on, but we wouldn't really let her ride it in the house. It was the right size though, and I'll say more about that in a second. Next she got a set of Duplo blocks from Grandpa R. She immediately built a huge tower with them, and did it as fast as she could. It was fun to watch. Sometimes she would pause for a second to tell us that it was a "blue" block or something, but mostly she was pretty intent on her mission.
Next up was a Silly Mr. PotatoHead suitcase. She put that together a few different ways and seemed frustrated that there were extra pieces. Grandpa T commented that she put it together wrong- 2 ears on one side, 2 arms on another. I told him that was the point of Mr. Potato Head- to think outside the lines and encourage her creativity. It was fun to see what she came up with.
Finally she got a giant box of play food which she took out of the box one piece at a time and handed it to Grandpa and anyone else who would take some. At the bottom of the pile was a cash register. She didn't like it when it made noise unexpectedly, but she was pleased with all the food she got. Today she was playing with it again. After she opened up her gifts we had cake and ice cream.
Daddy lit one candle on her cake, and she blew it out and then we sang "Happy Birthday". She did such a good job, daddy decided he wanted to tape it, so we did it again, and then again. She loved the attention and had a huge smile on her face. It's too bad the other grandparents weren't able to be there. There is no way that video or pictures are going to be able to translate how much fun she had. She didn't eat the cake but she gave Grandpa a few sprinkles "dots". Oh, and I should add that she actually was the one who decorated it. While I was busy frosting the cake she dumped a whole container of sprinkles over the top and spread them out, so it was truly her cake.
Grandpa didn't want to stay for supper, so after he left we took the trike out for a ride. It has a push bar on it. So Abigail rode, but didn't pedal, and I pushed. She had a great time. Oh, Grandpa also left behind some Sesame Street magazines so Abigail can indulge in lots of pictures of Ernie and her other Sesame street friends.

Her birthday isn't officially here yet so we still have a little more celebrating to do too later in the week.

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