Monday, June 23, 2008

mini book report - "Been there, done that"

This is a good beach read, or fun summertime book. It's about a 30-something year old woman reporter who goes undercover as a college freshman in Western Massachusetts for 7 weeks. She falls for her R.A. while she is trying to get her story. Not the type of book I normally go for, but it was predictable, and happy. An easy read.

Since I live in Western Massachusetts, I was trying to figure out where the story was supposed to be taking place, and that kind of distracted me a bit. It's not Amherst, it's not Williams. It has to be about an hour west of Boston, further out than Framingham, and somewhat Ivy-league but not as great as Harvard or Amherst etc. In the story it's Mercer College, but the real Mercer is in Georgia I think. So I'm not sure what town and school this was supposed to be. Maybe nowhere, it is fiction after all.

Oh, and there is more than one reference to the "Wiggles", as well as Clay Aiken, and some other music. The Wiggles references really cracked me up though. You can tell I'm a toddler mom.

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