Friday, July 11, 2008

Abby the shoe diva

Last night we went to the mall to meet my FIL for dinner and we got there a few minutes early. DD took off, so DH followed while I waited for FIL and Miss J. to arrive. DH said dd took him straight to the shoe store and started looking at shoes. Finally FIL and Miss J arrived and DH managed to get dd out of the store with a promise to come back. After dinner sure enough we went back. DD tried on about 20 pairs of shoes, and had her foot measured by the clerk to get the right size. She finally selected a pair of water shoes (blue, yellow, black) that FIL ended up paying for. She started with Disney princess sandals though, and tried on a lot of different stuff. When she finally got the shoes she liked, she ran around the store with them (we were the only customers) and checked her feet in all the mirrors. LOL!
This girl is going to be impossible when she is 16! I don't think I can buy her shoes online anymore that's for sure.

(DD=dear daughter, FIL= Father in law, DH=Dear Husband)

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