Tuesday, August 26, 2008

politics- Obama, Biden, and the DNC

So it's official. Barak Obama has not chosen Hillary Clinton to be his Vice-President. He has chosen Senator Joe Biden from Delaware instead. I'd never heard of Senator Biden until now, but my husband has. He said he's not very popular in the geek world. A quick Google search told me that the NRA doesn't like him either. That's 2 strikes. Just now I found this link-

That doesn't speak well for him either. So far I haven't found anything to like about the guy. And I am wondering what will be next for Hillary too, although I'm not sure if I care. Hopefully at least she will be out of office for a while.

I did take a quick peek at the speakers and the festivities planned for the DNC this week. It sounds like a lot of fun, but honestly Obama still doesn't impress me.

I'm waiting now to see who McCain will pick as his Vice-President, and what will Ron Paul do? Is he doing anything anymore? Where will we see Hillary next? Secretary of something? or will she join the speakers circuits for a while to make some cash there and stay busy?

In any case, I don't think Biden will help Obama's campaign, and if people remember any of Biden's history, maybe just maybe it will hurt him as a candidate overall.

The race to November continues. Looking forward to the RNC next week, at least in the news etc.

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