Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some fiction.... the Story of the Purple Dragons

This is a story I wrote last night for my daughter Abby. My copyright, etc. Don't use this anywhere without my permission, and giving me credit. And if you'd like to help me with some artwork, let me know.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away lived the purple dragons. They were very nice dragons who liked to help people. They lived in the mountains with the people who made things from Play-doh. The Mountain People made bowls and cups and spoons. They made tables and chairs and other things too. Then the Purple dragons used their magic fire breath to make the things hard and strong so they would not break. When the tables and chairs were cool again, the Orange Dragons used their magic to make the bowls and cups beautiful colors- orange, red, purple, green, and blue, and pink, and shiny. Then they added the glitter and everything was very pretty.

When the Orange dragons were done making everything glittery and pretty, the Mountain People took all the things made from Play-Doh down to the Valley where the river was. The Valley people had lots of yummy things to eat. They had apples, oranges, strawberries, and good vegetables. The Mountain People gave the Valley People the bowls and spoons and cups, and then the Valley People gave them the oranges and apples and all the yummy things to eat. Then everyone had a big feast, a very large meal. They ate until they were very full.

Then the Mountain People went back up to the mountains to make more things with the dragons, and bring them some of the good food too.

The end.

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