Thursday, November 6, 2008

Politics one more time

So the election is over. Obama won. In some states it was very close, but in Massachusetts I think he had it locked in for a long time. So despite my protests, Biden is going to be Vice President. And there is rumor that our own Gov. Duval Patrick may be the next Attorney General. Don't expect updates here, I probably won't follow the story much.

In the end, Ron Paul endorsed a candidate from the Constitution Party. I read about the guy, and decided that he was a bit too extreme on the issue of illegal immigration. I really don't like the idea of declaring war on the borders and just shooting every Mexican who comes across the border without a the proper paperwork. So Ron Paul didn't get my vote, and neither did the guy he endorsed. Ralph Nader was running again, but I didn't vote for him either. Ultimately I gave my vote to the Libertarians. I don't always agree with them, but they seem a bit stronger than the Green-Rainbow party, and a bit stronger than the other "third parties" as well. I really think this country needs a strong third party and the Libertarians are doing the best job getting on the ballots of the most states. So I voted for Bob Barr. Of course he didn't win, and I think his website is gone now too, but Obama was going to win all the electoral votes in Massachusetts anyway so it didn't really matter. I was casting a vote for the future to try to help the Libertarians.

On the ballot questions in Massachusetts, we did have one victory that surprised me. Changes in how the possession of marijuana charges will be dealt with. Congratulations on that!! We will no longer be tying up court rooms and jail space with people who are busted for having a joint or two on them. Pay the fine, and whatever, and be done. Keep your student loan, keep your good reputation, and move on with life. Thank you voters for that one!

I was torn on the dog racing question but not surprised that the two tracks will be closed. The folks trying to ban it did a better campaigning effort than the people trying to keep the tracks open. I was not surprised that Question 1 was defeated. I think everyone knows that eliminating the state income tax is ridiculous. Our schools and towns need the money, and if we eliminate those taxes we will all suffer the consequences in one way or another.

Question 4 varied from town to town so I won't go into that. D0esn't matter much anyway. It is what it is, depending on where you are.

I think a lot has been said about Obama and the presidential election so I'll leave it for others to talk about. I know many people just wanted a Democrat in office and didn't care whose name was on the ballot. Others wanted to see a black person in office and voted that way. With the economy being the mess that it is, I don't have high hopes that he will be able to work miracles. Many people thought that the new governor in Massachusetts would work miracles because he was a black Democrat too, but he is dealing with the reality of the economy just like everyone else. I'm sure the same will be true of Obama.

Oh, and one more thing... at least it's not Hilary! Got my wish there at least. :-)

That's all for now. I hope to get back to other things soon.

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