Friday, December 5, 2008

another quick poem, just because I'm feeling old today

Just a few thoughts this morning

My husband parks the car down below
My arthritic knees protest as I climb three flights of stairs
to the daylight up above
My asthmatic lungs cough and voice the knees protesting words
and I begin my walk to the tower,
and then climb back down below the ground
I spend my day processing papers, reading books, viewing the world
through my computer screen, only briefly glancing at
the daylight, sunshine, rain, and snow
by five o'clock it is dark again, and I climb back up
and then back down to the car again.
My daughter's classroom is brightly lit
her smile when she sees me is brighter still
a picture with markers and stickers,
and a hug and a kiss
that's why I do all this (I know).

-----------------------end it there or add more later? I know it's not very good and needs to be revised, but it's a start at least.

1 comment:

  1. I'm captivated by the rush of these quick images and the constant climbing up and down. It gives me a feel for your day. The image of you at the computer only occasionally looking up to see sun gives me a sense of your day way beyond what I've gleaned from our many e-mails over the years.