Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July weekend

Had a great 3-day weekend with Abby. DH was in/out with us too. The weather held out, and aside from some thunder and a few sprinkles on Friday afternoon, it was really nice outside. Water at the lake was cold, but hey, at least we made it to the beaches.

Abby's preschool was closed Friday, so DH and I took that as our holiday (we could have taken today instead). Friday morning I dropped DH off at a place with internet, and then Abby and I went to see my mom's new apartment. We brought some gifts- new coffeemaker, etc, and my mom gave Abby a couple of dresses. The cool part was Abby gave my mom some bubbles, and my mom gave Abby some bubbles too. I guess my mom and I think alike! Anyway, Abby and I stayed for an hour or so. Abby was pretty nervous about my mom's cat, but just sat next to me, and let my mom talk. Very polite. Then we picked up DH (without my mom) and went out for lunch and some shopping. We let Abby get something at Target (she choose plastic cups) and went home. DH saw some benches on sale at Target to put in the yard, but they wouldn't fit in the car with the car seat in place, so we came home and DH went back out. The neighbors had friends over, and the friends had a toddler son (18 months) so we invited them over to play in our yard (since we have kid-stuff and our neighbors don't). Abby and the little boy played for at least an hour, until the mom finally said they needed to get back to the other side of the fence. Then Abby and I decided to go to the "little beach". Along the way we saw some summer residents who have kids. Haven't seen them since last year, and the dd is Abby's age. So we told them to come on down, and they did. Abby and Alex (dd) had a great time playing. Abby wasn't interested in playing with the ds who was a little older, but the moms kept him busy in the water, while Abby and Alex played in the sand. When DH came home, he joined us at the beach for a little while until it was suppertime. Then we headed back. Abby went to bed early because she didn't nap, and I got to watch a few fireworks from our deck etc.

Saturday we did our normal shopping, out to lunch stuff. Abby surprised me by falling asleep in the car on the way home, so yay! We played outside in the yard, but the neighbors weren't around. DH went out Saturday night, so Abby and I went down the street to the Association party. We split a bbq chicken meal- she ate the chicken and cake, and I got the salad and potato. She played with the little boy again, but we didn't see the other kids around. So we went home after supper, and then went for a walk looking for Alex. Saw Alex and invited her and family to come over to play, and they did. Again, Abby wasn't interested in Alex's big brother, but we juggled. 3 kids is tough though, especially when one is older. The other family was going back to the bbq for dancing, so Abby and I decided to go too. Abby's face lit up as soon as we got inside! She LOVED dancing with a live band, and the loudness of it didn't bother her at all. She and Alex, and some other girls had a blast dancing and dancing! We stayed until 9pm!! Then the other family decided to head out, and we followed. There were some fireworks going off around the lake, so I got flashlights and a teddy bear, and Abby and I went down to the beach to check them out. I expected more parties and stuff, but I guess most people had their BIG night on Friday instead. We sat on the beach together, just the two of us, watching the fireworks around the lake for a while. Then came home about 9:30pm. It was 10:30pm by the time she was sound asleep! LATE night!

Sunday my mom called in the morning and said she was heading to the State beach/big beach. I told her we'd go after lunch. Couldn't get dd to eat lunch though, so finally just decided to go. This time I made DH go because he had promised Abby a swimming lesson. Loaded up the wagon with all our gear, and met my mom around 1pm. DH took Abby into the water, and it was COLD! So they went back and forth a lot. Then he took her to the concession stand and got her to eat a hamburger before he bought her a popsicle. I hung out with my mom on the beach. It was packed, but we didn't see anyone we knew. I think everyone local stayed away or went to the smaller beaches. When Abby came back with her popsicle, my mom decided to get some french fries with cheese sauce and ketchup. Abby always says she doesn't like cheese, but she helped my mom eat these! It was nice to see my mom and Abby share food, and have fun together. After that mess was over, I took Abby for a walk to see some of the sand castles that the other kids were building, and to see if we would recognize anyone, and then she went for one last swim with DH before we headed home. 2 hours was enough. DH cooked on the grill, another of Abby's favorite things, and we ate supper outside. Had a hard time getting Abby to come in because she was having so much fun, but since she didn't nap, I knew it would be another early night. Got her to bed a little after 8pm or so. DH went out. When he came home, after 11pm, I was still up, so we stayed up and talked for an hour or two in the living room about family, religion, and life, etc. We don't talk much these days, so that was good too.

Back to work, and reality. DH is working overtime this week, and my work is really slow because of what he is doing. So haven't done much today, but I do have a lot to get done. Just haven't motivated myself yet.

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