Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trying to catch up

During the last few weeks I've been doing something called "23 Things" at work where I am learning about lots of Web 2.0 technologies. The result of this is that I have created another blog, another Facebook account, a Twitter account, and added lots and lots of RSS feeds to 2 of my Google accounts and to an account on Bloglines. I'm reading more now than ever before, and I can't possibly keep up! Of course I haven't picked up an adult book in ages. I still read a story or two to my daughter every night, but I haven't read any novels in quite a while. Crazy! I also notice I haven't posted here lately. There is just so much going on, everywhere, that I haven't had time to WRITE, or blog. I'm too busy reading about everyone else. I think there is an Al-anon lesson in there somewhere. I need to look it up. I wish I hadn't tossed out all my Al-anon materials so many years ago. I know there is something about minding my own business, but the culture of the internet invites us to go against that, and that is something to consider. Is all of this tech stuff healthy? Is it a good use of time? Or are we just sinking ourselves in some way?
I have 2 meetings this morning that overlap. I choose to ignore the first one, and only attend the second one. I didn't feel like attending 1/2 hour of each would be fair somehow. In the meantime, I am trying to catch up on blogs, news, and actually do some work. Lots to think about, lots to post about.... later.

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