Monday, August 10, 2009

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that.. life goes on

I posted previously that I was learning "23 things", and have a separate blog set up for that. Well, I spent some more time on Picassa 3 this weekend, and boy, I wish I had more time! I started making some slide shows, and moving some pictures around, and really got excited. I wish I had internet at home, there is so much I could do! I also put some more pictures on my digital picture frame that I keep at work. I think I'll put some older ones on there too at some point- maybe some wedding pictures or old Burning Man pictures. For now though I got the most recent Abby pictures up on there so I can look at them all day long when my eyes need a break from the computer monitor.

In other news, we went on a quest for a Sparkling, Soft, pink pony this weekend and finally found one... well, not sparkling, but pink and soft anyway. We actually found 2, a small one and a larger one. Thank you Toys R Us! The larger one is a Gund, and it was missing a tag. The employee rang it up for us at $3.98. I couldn't believe it. Amazon sells it for $45! What a deal!!

And how sad is it that our weekend was consumed by this quest for the pink pony? Sunday was our wedding anniversary, 6 years. We gave each other a card, and we went out to a buffet place for lunch (with the kid). We knew she wouldn't eat or behave, so we opted for a place that didn't include a toy with the meal, and was cheap for kids. Next door we had fun looking at the puppy store, but we kept a distance. Our main mission was the trip to Toys R Us though. Oh well. Maybe next year we'll get a real babysitter or something.

Abby's still being bothered by ear infections. This has been going on for at least 3 weeks now. We've got an appointment with her pediatrician on Friday. She'll be done with this round of antibiotics by then. I hope she doesn't need tubes. We considered tubes 2 years ago, and almost got them. Last year she did better and it wasn't an issue. Now I'm getting worried again. I hope her left ear gets better before Friday.

It's been too long since I've seen my dad, my maternal grandmother, and a few others. My brother turns 29 next week. Wow! And his youngest kid, my nephew, turns 1 year old this Friday I think. Still haven't met the boy. Oh well.

Here's a link to the pony

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