Monday, August 31, 2009

Mundane Monday- life at work in the construction zone

I work in a university library, in case you don't remember. So for my first Mundane Monday post, I am going to focus on the University part. It's a week until the fall semester starts, and coming in this morning you would have thought the contractors just woke up and realized they have a deadline to meet! My first clue was at the edge of campus where a traffic light wasn't working and a policeman was directing us through some road work. A short while later I saw a tractor trailer blocking my path across another street. When I finally got on the short path to my parking garage, I had to make a detour around a large crane. Out of the garage, 2 more cranes were in view as some much needed work was no doubt in progress.

Some of my coworkers have blogged about the noise and construction on a regular basis, and it has been bad. For me it's bad THIS week. Tomorrow they put up a wall that cuts through our work area, and makes our department smaller. Everyone else nearby has been relocated, but there was no room to move the 10 of us I guess, so we are stuck. The Associate director and her secretary moved today.

I've gotten used to the pounding and drilling that occurs around the building, but the sound of them ripping up the carpet this afternoon, where the wall will be, sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard. I tried to escape to coffee. One coffee machine had some nasty green stuff in the water bottle. The other was being repaired by a man wearing a "Yankees" shirt. This is Red Sox country folks! No excuse for that. I'm hoping he's done by now. Anyway, it's been a long day.

Tomorrow I plan to escape for a few hours by visiting my grandmother at the nursing home. It's not much, but it should help.

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  1. This all sounds pretty icky. Actually it sounds like a torture chamber. I couldn't work under those circumstances. Just the noise would have me climbing walls and jumping through windows