Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Writing Wednesday- I 'm going to jump in!

Writing this as I post it--

I'm just going to jump in! The lake is freezing cold and was covered with a thin mist this morning.
I'm going to jump in anyway. No, please don't! Let's leave the ducks alone. It's their turn now to enjoy the water and the beach, and the chilly air.
I'm going to jump in! I heard some of my writing might be published online soon. No confirmation on that yet. We'll just have to wait and see.
I'm going to jump in! One-Minute Writer today was about Role models and celebrities.I thought about posting on that, but while I was all for role models, I don't care much for celebrities.
I'm going to jump in! I'm back I guess. After taking a little rest, and showers at 1am to clear my head, and dreams of screaming, here I am.
I'm going to jump in! Is this a poem or a rambling? I'm not sure. It's just here. Now. Fresh in your face.
I'm going to jump in! The water is cold, but his arms are warm, and slowly I am melting into fleece and comfort, and acceptance. Ready for whatever happens next.

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