Friday, October 2, 2009

Family Friday- the weekend looks like rain

I'm tired today. I'm trying to get caught up on personal stuff like paying bills, but I'm wiped. Fortunately work is slow. Last night we went out. We were supposed to get gas for the car and bread and juice boxes. Instead we went to Target because Abby wanted to go shopping for "toys". She ended up getting her Halloween costume, and I bought some lunch boxes on sale. Not sure if we needed lunch boxes but maybe it will inspire me to make something for MY lunches instead of living on frozen pizzas all the time.
By the time we left Target it was 7pm. Abby refused McDs and really wanted lo mein. We tried one place only to discover that they closed a month ago (Bye bye China Dynasty). So it was off to Amherst for a quest for lo mein and parking. Fortunately my husband was driving and was able to get us a good parking spot, and it only took a couple of tries before we found a place with lo mein. It was new to Abby and the waitress was impressed that Abby could use chopsticks to eat cashews. Abby didn't like the attention though, and refused to eat whenever she thought the waitress was watching her. Needless to say it took a long time to eat dinner. We stopped at Rao's next door for dessert and coffee to go, and by the time we got home it was after 9pm.

This weekend there are a couple of festivals going on. One in Conway, and the other in Orange. Conway is "Festival of the Hills" and the one in Orange is the "Garlic and Arts festival". Honestly, we're not going to either. It's supposed to rain on Saturday at least, and I think we are wiped out. I am pretty sure that Abby and Aaron will enjoy some "down time" puttering around the house tomorrow.

The following weekend is Columbus Day weekend, and the last I heard my father-in-law is planning to visit from Texas. I think his plans are to arrive in New England on Thursday night. I'm hoping we can go to the Ashfield Fall Festival with him, and maybe an apple orchard in Colrain as well. We'll see what the weather does. It's too bad the rain this weekend will probably wipe out the foliage for all the Columbus Day tourists that come next weekend.

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