Monday, November 23, 2009

Hanging it up?

Am I hanging it up? It sure looks that way. After a couple of months of trying to post every day, I went 2 weeks without a single post. Looks like my hopes of doing a blog on a daily basis have gone away.

I do hope to still occasionally check in here, but it seems like I am not being the regular blogger that I had hoped to be.

We had a quiet Veterans Day, staying at home. Then that weekend we found ourselves picking apples on a Sunday afternoon. I've never picked apples in November before. It sure has been a warm month. This past weekend gave us another Sunday to enjoy the outdoors. Abby and I played in the yard for several hours, on the swings, the slide, just general running around. Her favorite game these days is "House" where she gets to be the mom, and I get to be the big sister. It's not a lot of fun for me, but I indulge her as often as I can because I like seeing her use her imagination and doing pretend play.

Thanksgiving is still up in the air, we'll see what happens. I did get a new netbook so hopefully I will be able to keep up on my RSS feeds and other things better during non-work days if I can drag myself out of the house to an internet connection.

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