Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Abby loves the snow

On Saturday we got a little snow. Abby wanted to go outside immediately and make a snowman. I knew it would take a while to accumulate though, and I wasn't even sure it would stick. So we went Christmas shopping instead. On Sunday morning though the snow was still there. Abby barely made it through her nebulizer treatment, and couldn't wait to get outside. "I love winter! I love snow!" We got out a sled and got her all bundled up and went outside. Turns out our little side yard, that we don't use for much, is a good spot for sledding. If we aim the sled JUST right so that we miss the tree, the utility pole, and the drain pipe, she can get a pretty good ride down the hill. She loved it! Then she was pulling the sled around, talking to it, and filling it with snow. When she got bored with the yard, I took her up the street for a little walk and we played down by the association hall. She made some snow angels, threw snow at me, and just generally had a blast. That was with only 2-3 inches of the stuff. I know we're going to get more, maybe tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully we don't get rain to wash it all away. This is one VERY happy kid!! I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow. The digital camera needs the memory card cleaned out (today's project) so I didn't get any pictures on Sunday.

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