Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I've been behind and now I missed something important

I've been behind on reading my RSS feeds. Keeping up to date with friends across the country and around the world via blogs and reading all they have to say is important to me. However I got sick, got busy with work, got lost in myself... whatever, and now I see that I am getting the news 2 weeks or more after the fact. A friend lost her husband, her best friend, and I am only now feeling that sink in. I had a suspicion a few days ago, but when an email went unanswered I brushed it off. I figured I must have misinterpreted something. Like me, my friend has more than one blog, and somehow I missed the important one, the important post that said "I lost my best friend..." If I can find a phone number tonight, I might call, but it might be best if I don't. Trying to convey a hug over the phone with a child pulling on my leg or whatever, might not convey the depth of sympathy I am feeling. I had no idea things were this bad. I thought they were just kind of "status quo". I am so sorry for your loss Arlene. I really, really am. Drink the wine, eat the chocolate, go with the flow... don't sweat these things. Enter the next chapter of your life in peace. Sorry I was so slow to get the news.

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