Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hoping for a vacation, even a short one....

January has been a tight month for us financially. It always is and I think it is true for a lot of people. Car repairs, holiday credit card bills, property taxes... they all seem to come at once. At the same time we are looking at the new calendar and saying "What can we do this year?" A trip to Texas would be nice, but probably out of our budget. A trip to Pennsylvania could be fun, but I don't think it's going to happen. We're still paying for preschool whether Abby is in class or not, so realistically what we are looking at is a few long weekends here and there. Hopefully next year we can plan a vacation at the end of August. Give the kid a short break between Preschool and kindergarten. That's my hope anyway. So here we are back to 2010, and the preschool bills remain. So what can we do??? My latest hope is that we can manage to swing a trip to New York City at the end of March. I know that is crazy talk with the way our money is right now, but if we don't go places once in a while, I go a little crazy. Last year we did a trip to Maine and Boston in March, and I had thought about doing that again. However, my husband and daughter are big fans of the show "Penguins of Madagascar" right now. The show takes place at the Central Park Zoo. So why not head there? Let's go check it out and see the place in person, hit a museum, admire some skyscrapers, etc.. I hope it works out and we can go. I know hotels in NYC are NOT cheap. I know money is tight right now, but still I need to get out of town sometime! Fingers crossed.

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