Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm THINKING about my writing a lot lately. I know this isn't the same as actually DOING the writing, but I'm not ignoring it either. So what I'm THINKING about lately is "voice" and "audience" and "format". I guess by "format" I mean novels, short stories, poetry, songwriting, screenplays, etc...

and right now I'm thinking about using a pen name and what that might do to my writing, both pro and con. I see some pros to it potentially. I think it might free me a bit. I use a pen name for my other blog and that blog has more followers than this one. So it might have some potential for me. I've used different names over the years for bbses (anyone remember those), on message boards, and on blogs. I know a lot of writers use them, or have used them. So I am interested in exploring that. Why do people use them? Has it been effective? What happens when you actually have to do something in person or when the two worlds collide? How to handle all of that.
 I know I'm jumping way ahead of myself on that. First I need to think of a name. I've chosen a first name, well I have a first name that I use on the other blog anyway, and I like it. Now I need to choose a last name. Pretty quickly I can think of a couple that I like. So we'll see what happens. This might be some motivation for me to actually get that pen reconnected to the paper.

I'm listening to Tim Boudreau on ReverbNation as I write this, remembering nights at "Fire and Water" so many, many years ago. I am glad that Tim and Doug are hopefully still doing music after all of these years. I have found it difficult to fit my writing into my married life. I support my husband's efforts with his writing and his creative works, but I haven't found a lot of time to pursue my own. I need to work on finding a way to do that I think. One of my coworkers who is retiring soon as stressed the need to have an outside creative outlet to keep your sanity at this job. I know she's right. I just need to do it.

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