Friday, June 11, 2010

Rant about my mother- Does this define "crazy" for you?

Last night we had to go run some errands after work/school and we were driving past my mom's place. I offered to stop for a minute with Abby so we could see the new cats that Abby just named, but we hadn't met yet. So we go in, meet the cats, and she is scared as hell as usual. Fine.
Then my mom is like "Oh wait! I have to show you something in the kitchen."Well what she wanted to show us was her cremated cat, and all the stuff they gave her with it.My mom  had a cute little "birthday box" with a bow that the cat was in, a photo of the cat, and something else that was the pawprints I guess.

UGH! This of course instantly raised lots of questions for my 4-year old. I was choking anyway on the cigarette smoke, so we left quickly. My mom was still trying to talk to me, and I just had to tell her to shut-up because Abby was asking me a ton of questions about how the dead cat got so small that it could fit into that box. We got back out to the car, where my husband was waiting, and then the two of us tried explain cremation to her.

Thanks Mom! I really needed THAT. All I wanted to do was meet the new cats.

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