Monday, August 23, 2010

Home again.. sort of

Well of course the bathroom work took longer than we anticipated. The hotel told us if we stayed until Saturday morning we'd get a weekly rate which would be cheaper than if we left on Friday morning, so we stayed until Saturday. This allowed the kid to sleep late on Saturday morning.

When we got home Saturday morning the child did not want to cooperate with us so ultimately I wasn't much help in getting things done. We finally had to call a friend for help, much to my frustration. We got the toilet in, but then the tub surround work was in the way so the bathroom wasn't really usable for most of the day. I ended up taking the kid to the lake for lunch and then after the surround was done and the silicone was stinking up the house, we went up to the Heath Fair.

The fair was fun, and we got to see my dad. Also got to hear some tunes by the Lonesome Brothers, support the local school, and some other vendors. Yummy apples from one of the local orchards too.

On Sunday we realized the toilet was leaking so off to Home Depot in Hadley for a new potty. Stopped at Target for some accessories, like a new shower curtain and rugs, and a mirror. Hurray!
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Late Sunday night Aaron finally got the tub and shower functional and we all took our first showers this morning. It's nice to have a solid floor in there. It's the first time since we've lived in the house that we've had a solid floor under the tub and in the bathroom.
 One Roll LUAU Flamingo 2-Ply Toilet Paper

We've still got some cosmetic stuff to do and some cleaning, but it's all functional at least. :-)
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