Sunday, July 31, 2011

weekend didn't go as planned

I took Friday off to pack. Picked up my daughter at the designated time, picked up my hubby, ran to the store for the couple of "oops...forgot to pack that" things and then we were finally on our way. About a 2 hour drive to the campground. Somewhere along the way the two of them fell asleep. Somewhere along the way it started to rain, and rain, and rain. Eventually they woke up. We got gas and  we used the bathrooms. Hubby was sent to a portapotty outside. Seems the gas station discriminated against men a little bit and the one rest room was for women and children only. Sorry honey!

 Finally we arrived at Silver Lake State Park in the rain. Are you sold out? Have any lean-tos left? Sold out, sorry. Tomorrow will be nice. yeah, okay. Get to campsite and start unloading and setting up tent. It's pouring. Get enough of the gear cleared out so that daughter and I can get firewood. Pay $12 for firewood. Drive around state park for a little bit. Find the playground and the beach - looks nice! See most of the other campsites- it's pretty hilly and half the park is empty... and finally come back to unload the firewood. Daughter stays in the car. Smart kid!

 Hubby and I decide to move picnic table and firewood because tarp can only be set up in certain spot... use potty, start thinking about supper, and then.... hey honey... step into the tent for a minute... feel that? Yeah that's a LAKE under where we are supposed to sleep tonight. All the water is running down hill into our campsite and under where the tent is. Can we move the tent to another spot? Sure, but more rain is going to come. Meanwhile we are already soaked to the bones wringing out our clothes and wrecking our shoes. We have a family meeting and decide to call it quits. 

Drove down the road found a hotel. Sold out. Okay fine. Back in 2005 I remember lots of hotels in White River Junction. WRJ is about 30 minutes from where we are. Plug it into the GPS and go. And we did. 

First hotel was sold out, second hotel was nearly $200/night, and 3rd hotel wasn't much better but it had a pool at least so we're staying. Now 7:30pm. Check in and bring dry clothes up to room. Room is wrong kind of room. Hubby got a queen. He thought it was a King. I went back to front desk. They are checking in bus tour. Oh joy. I get new room. This one with 2 double beds. At least it's non-smoking. Okay move all our stuff to new room. Now get dry clothes. Now get supper. Chinese buffet. yeah... I don't want to track that thank you. Get kid back to hotel room long after bedtime and eventually get to sleep pretty late. 

Up saturday morning early because I'm sharing bed with kid who is using me as a pillow (hubby has his own bed). Breakfast and then swimming in the pool. Well at least there is some good in life. The rain has stopped. It's nice out. So we took our time and made a few stops and a detour over to Keene, NH and finally came home Saturday afternoon. Unloaded the car... ooh it smelled so bad with all that wet stuff!! Then took daughter swimming at our local lake for a couple of hours. So she's happy. 

Sunday/today mostly quiet. Slow morning, errands, and then more swim time. Cooked dinner on the grill, and had some quiet time in the evening too. Then at bedtime daughter says "Mommy.. we never got to play on that playground.. when are we going back??" LOL! I don't know kid, but I'll make a note of it. Maybe we can do a daytrip sometime. It's only 2 hours. Haha.. 2 hours for a playground?? I don't know about that but we'll see. At the very least there are a lot more campgrounds to explore so maybe next year I will book a lean-to at the same place or another one nearby and we can go back sometime then.

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