Wednesday, July 11, 2012

still here, still plugging along

Didn't realize I hadn't posted here in so long. Time gets away from us, doesn't it? I'm still here of course. I'm still trying to work on my NaNoWriMo project when I can. I'm still trying to lose weight. I'm still trying to make sure my daughter has a happy childhood. Some days I'm just plain tired but I do my best to fight it off and carry on. If I'm depressed I do my best not to show it. We've been on lots of adventures and been staying busy, but mostly I find myself posting these things on Facebook rather than blogging about them. I'm not sure which has the bigger audience. Facebook has a known audience of course of my Facebook friends, but I never really know how many people are reading what I post here. Would love to hear from you if you are out there though.

Anyway I'm still plugging along, and in the midst of everything I have an inspiration to start a new blog. It's just an idea at the moment. I'm still doing some of the research, but if it comes to be I will definitely post about it here.

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