Friday, August 17, 2012

More construction pictures at Umass

My husband told me that no one cares about this stuff. I hope he is wrong. I hope someone with a better camera than mine is out there taking pictures too. In the meantime the new dorms continue to be built, and as of the last couple of days the smokestacks from the old physical plant are coming down. Here's a few pictures that I took in the last couple of days.

Thursday afternoon as I was leaving work at 3pm.

Thursday afternoon

I think this is Thursday still, note the crane

Thursday afternoon

Friday morning

Friday morning

Friday morning, can you see how the top of this one is so broken?

Friday morning, the metal stack is completely out of sight.

Friday morning, another view of the 2 remaining brick stacks

An update on the dorms. They are changing from purple to green and the windows are all covered in blue plastic.   

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