Saturday, August 25, 2012

vacation- Quechee & writing (or not writing)

I am on vacation from work. Spending a lot of time with my daughter and husband. Mostly my daughter. The 3 of us did do a quick trip to Vermont, and crossed over to New Hampshire in the process. It was only about a 72 hour trip but we had fun. Meanwhile I have been very distracted from my writing and this is bothering me a bit. I am out of touch with my characters and I need to reconnect. In particular I know I have been avoiding my main story line. I know what the main plot is SUPPOSED to be but I've been distracted by other things like the name of the town and lesser characters etc. It's funny how I've got the story set up but the main plot is the thing I've been avoiding the most and have written the least about. I'm not sure why it is. I have spent lots of energy and time on the smaller details and have been avoiding the big thing that is supposed to be the center of it all.

That isn't to say my family isn't important. It is of course. Our trip to Quechee was a fun one. Two nights of camping, all of us not feeling quite 100% healthy but we visited the local restaurants and attractions and enjoyed a few hours at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science-  and learned something about birds. I liked the Quechee State Park, especially since we had a lean-to in the  back. Not sure I would have liked it so much if we had stayed closer to the highway. It's our only trip to a Vermont State Park this year and I'm glad it was a good one.  Check out www.vtstateparks.c
We were on our way back home and I just happen...
We were on our way back home and I just happened to see this gorge from a bridge, so we stopped to have a look. See where this picture was taken. [?] (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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