Monday, September 24, 2012

A poem- "Drive to work" by yours truly

Driving through the darkness of the early morning
Daylight hasn’t quite reached the horizon of the empty beach
White sand stands alone and I do not pause
I watch the fog rise from the water to the hills above as I drive by
at the top of the hill I turn right.
I put the burning red sun in my rearview mirror and leave it behind me
the bright red sun climbs the hill as I go down the other side
headlights approach in front but it does not matter
more come up behind me fast and I wonder
“will they pass me on the straight-away?”
something small and quick darts across the road
just barely missing my tires
I do not hear or feel a thud and I think it made it safely
whatever it was I am not sure
it was that quick, only a blur at the bottom of windshield
at the bottom of the hill I can see now
the white pickup truck with cab on back has chosen
not to pass me but to follow me into town
I turn and descend another hill, even further from the sun
When I finally stop and turn off the engine
the fog and the red sky have disappeared
it is just another quiet, cool Monday morning
in September.

September 24, 2012... Rebecca Addison

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